Talent Development Centers

Help your top managers identify their strengths and development opportunites and work with your executives to develop targeted development and succession plans.

Talent Development Centers

Before moving top managers into the Executive ranks, your Executives need to know their relative strengths and development needs. Humentum's Talent Development Centers put top managers of your selection into activities that allow executives to observe behaviors / skills relative to such dimensions as leadership, problem solving, planning, organizing, decision making, tenacity, creativity / innovation, delegation, control, initiative, judgment, sensitivity, oral / written communications, presentations, financial accumen, and many others. Each center can be customized to align with your specific needs. Centers are customizable and run from 2 to 4 days. Each contains exercises / experiences that simulate your working environment. Then, at the completion of each center, your executives provide specific and actionable feedback to each participant and coach them in creating development action plans.


Each participant is involved in a variety of activities (meetings, projects, presentations, games, simulations, etc.) which allow your observers to see them in action and provide feedback on applicable dimensions. Here is a Talent Development Center Matrix showing a typical Center is organized to ensure each dimension is observed multiple times by various observers. A variety of activities ensures maximum exposure to observation, minimizes bias and provides rich / detailed feedback. The activities of each center are selected to align with your specific business and needs.


Humentum Talent Development Centers ensure development plans of high potential candidates focus against their specific needs. They allow you executive observers to hone their observation skills and engage in significant coaching activities. They provide confirmation of high potential designees and encourage smooth transitions into executive positions. They reinforce promotion from within and results can be tailored to readily link with your performance management and succession systems. Most clients note that the development of their executive observers is as significant as that of the participants, and that promotion decisions are much more informed than those made without Centers.

Find out how easy and inexpensive it can be to refine and validate your promotion processes using Humentum Talent Development Centers.