Succession Planning

Let us help you align individual skills, abilities and aspirations with your organization's needs to allow both to grow and flourish.

Succession Planning

Companies are headed for a leadership void. A high percentage of senior leaders worldwide are retiring and taking with them core skills and knowledge that helped their organizations prosper. Identifying and developing future leaders is critical to your on-going success.

Many organizations have no formal succession plans or plans that only cover the top echelons of management. Many executives won't admit their own "corporate mortality" or feel that at a gut level they know who their corporate stars are.

Succession planning aligns business resources with business objectives, focuses development activities, prepares for growth, responds to anticipated changes, puts organization knowledge to work, and recruits, utilizes and retains best resources.

If you lack a structured process or are seeking to streamline an existing process, Humentum can help. We can assist with Direction Setting, Strategic and Tactical Needs Definition, creation / definition of Growth Avenues, Resource Acquisition / Placement Strategies, Readiness Auditing, Performance Auditing, Benchmarking, and Aligning Support Resources. We can build on your existing systems and enhance process to add effectiveness and efficiency.