Increase the power of your training programs by adding simulation. See retention, application, and bottom-line impact increase by integrating skills application into the participant's classroom experience.

What is Simulation?

Ask ten people and get twelve different answers. Some label page-turn e-learning products or anything that requires decision making as simulations.

At Humentum, simulation is a complex-branching realistic sequence of business scenarios that require participants to make choices and feel resulting consequences. Our complex branching simulations enable participants to apply acquired knowledge / skills in situations that reflect the complexities and intricacies of their work environment. Our simulations provide feedback (both written and scores) and encourage team interaction with other participants. Our simulations actually expand the learning platform.

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Built To Show Measurable Results

The Humentum Simuation Design Process begins with the end in mind. We start with a scorecard (the measurable change your program is driving), and design scenarios or scenes that require teams of players to make decisions that demonstrate understanding of and appropriate application of each skill. When three to four scenarios have been designed for each scorecard item, we tie them together with a memorable storyline interlaced with realistic consequences. Because consequences don't always occur immediately following a decisions, our simulations reflect that reality by having consequences occur as they would, in the real world, later in the simulation. Simulations are designed to reflect the participants actual work environment. Simulations are a powerful tool for driving retention and encouraging application of skills.

Powerful and Cost Effective

Once a tool only afforded by larger organizations, now cutting-edge simulation technology is available at prices anyone can afford. We can make simulations available on a rental (single license, single play), lease (multiple licenses for specified duration), or purchase (buy and own) basis. You can access them as-is, with minor modifications or have a custom simulation built specifically for you.