Learning Programs

Are your current training programs designed to enable impact measurement? Are skills successfully integrated back on the job? Do your programs deliver measurable results? Let us introduce you to the new "state of the art".

Integrate Skills Application

Most of us are resistant to change, so when we learn new skills, successfully applying them is difficult, to say the least! In our job environment, the status quo rises up in resistance to change and makes implementation difficult. But when application is built right into your training programs though the effective use of simulation, participants are able to anticipate and learn how to overcome this resistance experience, seamlessly applying acquired skills when they return.

Ensure Action Planning

To avoid risk, most training is conducted in non-working environments. It is frequently difficult for participants to link content or objectives to their specific work situation and post program retention is low (statistically, within 72 hours after the program content retention has sunk to about 3%). When action planning is integrated into the training environment and linked with follow-up to ensure plans are implemented, retention rises significantly (statistically, within the same timeframe about 83%). Thus, action planning should be a significant element in all training programs.

Built To Be Measured

Training impact measurement is possible only when programs are designed to be measured. Good training design begins by identifying desired impacts, and then a program is built to produce those results in measurable ways. Let us work with you to ensure your programs drive the results you need.