Custom Simulation

Worried that you can't afford this cutting-edge technology in your classroom? Find out how cost effective simulation can be - it's not just for the Fortune 100 anymore! Let us show you how you can afford simulation customized to your specific environment.

Custom Simulation

Only a few years ago, simulation design was so labor and technology intensive that only those with deep pockets could afford to have custom simulation built to fit their specific needs and environment. That's no longer the case. With advances in the field and powerful authoring tools that allow complex branching, simulations can now be produced in less time and with less expense.

We'd like to show you how we can work with your Subject Matter Experts to quickly and inexpensively design a simulation that is tailor- made for your organization. And best of all, you own the content, so even proprietary information and your environmental specifics can be built into every decision and scene within your simulation. Allow your talent to learn by doing; from making mistakes in a risk free environment and safely expanding their experience portfolio.

Begin With The End In Mind

The Humentum Simuation Design Process begins with the end in mind. We start with your scorecard (the measurable change your program is driving), and design scenarios or scenes that require teams of players to make decisions that demonstrate understanding and appropriate application of each skill. When three to four scenarios have been designed for each scorecard item, we tie them together with a memorable storyline interlaced with realistic consequences. We also load your simulation with targeted feedback for each decision made as well as scores so that participants can quickly learn from their experience and relate this learning back to their job.

Call us today and let us show you how surprisingly affordable it can be to add the power of simulation to your development programs.