About Us

Humentum (Human Momentum) partners with businesses, large and small, to improve human performance / alignment (individual and team). We're here to help you "do more with less".

Leadership Skills

Humentum focuses on delivering leadership experience. Our programs place participants in realistic scenarios where they deal with real issues and provide experience. For information on specific programs see our Leadership Library.

Project Leadership

Our Project Leadership Essentials program is designed to help experienced and new project leaders and / or core team members understand and implement a best practice model of project leadership proven to deliver results. Although some project management concepts are covered, this workshop focuses on powerful leadership concepts that have been proven to quickly build high performance teams and drive project success. Participants have the opportunity to practice skills in the workshop through the use of a powerful computer simulation.

More With Less

In this time where we are constantly striving to do more with less, training becomes an ever-increasingly important tool. Old training methodologies no longer meet the the need. Your programs need to deliver experience and measurable results, not just teach knowledge and skills. Move your programs to the twenty-first century, and let Humentum show you how.