Delivering Experience

"Good judgment is the result of experience.  Experience is the result of bad judgment."

Humentum builds complex branching simulations that provide experience thru learning from mistakes and teaching critical thinking skills.  Our simulations are also designed to easily integrate with your training programs.

Humentum can add experience to you classroom.  Blending instruction (for knowledge / skills transfer)
with computer-based simulations (designed to allow application of knowldege / skills
while yet in the learning environment) improves post-program performance
and bottom-line impacts / results.  

About Humentum

Humentum provides three services.  We;

1- Design Sims,
2-Depoly Sims, and
3- Offer Leadership Programs.

We want to provide computer-based simulations that support your training initiatives.

Our mission is to help you integrate low-cost, high-impact sims into your programs.

About Simulations

Humentum designs computer-based simulations that provide experience, reinforce critical thinking and put context to learning (supporting post-program skills application).  

Simulations provide experience, and experience is the best teacher!

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About Blended Learning

At humentum, blended learning is integrating the power of simulation into your training programs. Sims;

1- Increase engagement,
2- Expand the learning platform and
3- Enhance post program results.

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About Our Leadership Programs

Humentum Leadership Programs are unique because experience is blended into each program using sims. Participants
practice skills prior to exiting the program and are prepared to deal with issues associated with change implementation. Our
programs produce a measurable difference.

Humentum FAQ

Ask ten people and get twelve different answers. Some label page-turn e-learning products or anything that requires decision making as simulations.

At humentum, simulation is a complex-branching realistic sequence of business scenarios that require participants to make choices and "feel" resulting consequences. Our complex branching simulations enable participants to apply acquired knowledge / skills in situations that reflect the complexities and intricacies of their work environment. Our simulations provide feedback (both written and scores) and encourage team interaction with other participants.  Our simulations actually expand the learning platform through small and large team interaction.

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Blended Learning
Traditional classroom training is designed to provide participants with new knowledge / skills that they are to apply in their jobs on return.  Many participants struggle with post-classroom application because few of us quickly embrace change, and most training does not deal with how to overcome this resistance.  As a result, only a small percent of learned skills is applied and impact is thus minimal.

Blended learning integrates application of skills (experience) into the classroom using simulations. Groups of participants work together to address application issues by playing simulations that mirror the realities of their job environment.

Benefits of Blended Learning
Humentum addresses this long-standing problem by integrating experience into the classroom. Addressing application issues in tandem with skills development has the following benefits;

1. Participants leave programs with action plans tailored to address resistance

2. When application obstacles arrise, they are prepared to deal with them

3. Participants considering multiple options and consequences of each before making decisions (critical thinking)

4. The diverse learning styles of participants are addressed (seeing, hearing, doing) 

5. Participants learn from team work in the program as well as the facilitator, expanding the learning platform

Leveraging Blended Learning
Humentum has a library of simulations available that can simply be integrated into your training programs. We are also able to tailor each simulation to better fit your specific environment and address context specific issues. Or, we can work with your SMEs and build a custom simulation for you.  Let us show you how easy it is to add the power of simulation to your training programs / curriculum.

Only a few years ago, simulation design was so labor and technology intensive that only those with deep pockets could afford to have custom simulation built to fit their specific needs and environment. That's no longer the case. With advances in the field and powerful authoring tools that allow complex branching, simulations can now be produced in less time (within days) and with less expense.

We want you to try simulation, so we offer it in three cost effective ways;
     1. Rent a sim - $35 per person per day
     2. Lease a sim - $500 for 5 business days, unlimited use                                                              3. Own a sim - as little as $5k for a 30 minute simulation

We'd like to show you how we can work with your Subject Matter Experts to quickly and inexpensively design a simulation that is tailor- made for your organization. And best of all, you own the content, so even proprietary information and your environmental specifics can be built into every decision and scene within your simulation. 

The project environment is significantly different from the on-going operations atmosphere and leading in these two divergent environs is just as different. 

To truly comprehend the differences, one must experience the fast-paced, risky and political aspects of project work.  Humentum designs programs that immerse you in the project environment and allow you feel the pressures associated with creating / successfully managing expectation, learning to mitigate risks and learning from mistakes and their associated consequences.  

Our programs leverage the tools of project management to teach the science of project management as well as interpersonal and political skills to teach the art of leadership. 

We offer programs that address Project Work from all vantages;

Leading Project Leaders (Creating a project environment that facilitates success)
Project Leadership Essentials (The art of team and stakeholder leadership)
Project Managment Essentials (The science and tools of project managment)
Successful Project Execution (Skills for Leading from within the Core Team)

For detailed information on these programs, click here.

Humentum programs are designed to deliver experience.  

In addition to introducing new tools, knowledge, or skills, Humentum programs immerse learners in a work environment and allow them to experience application of the tools, knowledge or skills.  Facing the resistance that goes along with change, participants leave our programs with plans and skills that allow them to overcome the resistance. This results in improved results and reduced cycle times.

This focusing of "human momentum" is not just our mantra; it's our name!

Humentum Leadership Programs

Focused on Results  

Leading Project Leaders

This one-day program is designed to assist portfolio managers to better leverage resources across projects, establish and maintain a priority algorythm and appropriately manage diverse expectations.

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This three-day program is designed to help experienced and new project leaders and / or core team members understand and implement a best practice model of project leadership proven to deliver results.

For program details, click the info icon above. To sign up, click the program title.

Project Management Essentials

This two-day program provides participants with an understanding of the technical aspects of project management and skills necessary to complete projects on-time and within budget.

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Successful Project Execution

This program helps core team members quickly form as a team and learn to recognize / leverage individual differences / skills to enhance project success and reduce cycle time. Great for new or experienced core teams.

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Project Leadership Essentials Program

Humentum is offering an open Project Leadership Essentials program in Michigan, May 29th thru 31st, 2018. This simulation-based workshop provides tools and experience to assist seasoned as well new Project Leaders with:
     - Identifying / Managing Stakeholder Needs / Expectations
     - Building Effective Project Teams
     - Creating and Leveraging Effective Project Plans using WBS
     - Identifing and Managing Risk
     - Creating / Maintaining Alignment using a Matrixed Communication Plan
     - Aligning Project Goals with Business Objective

Project Leadership Essentials Overview

This program is limited to 28 participants. The program begins each day at 8:30am and concludes at 4:30pm. The cost is $1,495 and includes the PLE Simulation, materials, tools, breaks and snacks. Those registring early (before March 1st) will receive a 10% discount.

For a program overview, click here, or to reserve a seat in this program, please provide us with the following information:  


Office:  +1 (435) 713-4434 
Mobile: +1 (435) 760-3816